Tag: Nobleman


  • Lord Dagult Neverember

    He is a commanding noble. Big, boisterous, and affable, Neverember treats each new acquaintance as a friend. A shrewd negotiator, Neverember prefers straight dealings. He is well known as an economic puppet master, facilitating trade deals that shock even …

  • Mordai Vell

    Tall and dark, Mordai has luminous gold eyes even though most tieflings boast red or black ones. Charisma practically drips from him, setting all around him off their guard. His obvious wealth doesn't hurt either.

  • Peter Lathkule

    He came to Neverwinter in search of his brother who he believes came in search of an ancestral gem. However, always the businessman, he has set up shop in the Protector's Enclave while he waits for information on his brother's whereabouts.