Tag: Neverwinter


  • Lord Dagult Neverember

    He is a commanding noble. Big, boisterous, and affable, Neverember treats each new acquaintance as a friend. A shrewd negotiator, Neverember prefers straight dealings. He is well known as an economic puppet master, facilitating trade deals that shock even …

  • Soman Galt

    Once a great explorer, Soman Galt has atrophied into a weaselly politician who projects a cold, disconnected presence. The dwarf stares absently, his eyes seeming to watch something no one else can see, and often he mumbles to himself. He is capable of …

  • Mordai Vell

    Tall and dark, Mordai has luminous gold eyes even though most tieflings boast red or black ones. Charisma practically drips from him, setting all around him off their guard. His obvious wealth doesn't hurt either.

  • Sabine

    She leads the Mintarn mercenary force, a group of sellswords and former pirates. Under Sabine's leadership, the mercenaries ruthlessly quash disturbances and work to eradicate dangers to Neverwinter and its people.

  • Letarè

    Once, an adventurer in her own right, she settled in Waterdeep to see if there was anything she could do for the people there. Eventually, she became known for her success investigating and solving problems of arcane origin. She cured locals of …

  • Andor

    Andor is the son of a powerful noble of Waterdeep; however, he never wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. He sought to improve his mental capabilities, and studied under several mentors -- each for a relatively short period of time. It became clear …

  • Peter Lathkule

    He came to Neverwinter in search of his brother who he believes came in search of an ancestral gem. However, always the businessman, he has set up shop in the Protector's Enclave while he waits for information on his brother's whereabouts.

  • Baldor Pharn

    Studied under his father who stubbornly refused to leave Neverwinter, and remained here for the last few decades. He scraped together a living making what the few remaining locals needed. He also aided in the reconstruction of the Protector's Enclave.

  • Klara Redel

    Kind of a mystery, but somewhere along the way she picked up a taste for darker rituals, and is constantly trying to get adventurers to try some out.

  • Cassidy Orser

    She grew up in Leilon. When her parents heard that Neverember was working to rebuild Neverwinter, they figured it would be a good opportunity to open there own bakery and cheese shop.

  • Frank Mackey

    Unable to transport his animals the long distance down the coast, he stuck it out in Neverwinter and supplied many of the other remaining residents with much need sustenance.

  • Anton Grey

    He was living in Leilon when the Cataclysm struck Neverwinter. As one of Neverember's caravans was passing through town, he figured it would be a good time to open a shop where one would be needed -- at the end of a long journey. "Everyone's shoes are …