Unaligned Female Moon Elf (Eladrin) Wizard (Witch)


Notoné was born in Myth Drannor to a well known wizard and witch. At a young age, her parents were murdered by Thayans while attempting to investigate troubles at the Iliyanbruen ruins. Her godfather, an alchemy teacher, was told to keep her safe for many years to allow her time to study the same magic her parents practiced. After many years of studies, she learned of her parents’ work to protect the ruins of Iliyanbruen. While en route to meet up with the faction of guardians, she stumbled across an injured snow owl. After nursing the owl back to health, it did not want to go back to the wild, but instead perched on her shoulder. She decided to call the owl Billa, and they have since formed an inseparable pair.

She dreams of protecting Iliyanbruen by finding the roots of the troubles that have recently broken out and avenging the death of her parents by the hands of the Thayans.


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