Jeras Alagondar

The Lost King of Neverwinter


During the great cataclysm, his mother was forced to flee the city by his father. A short time after, she succumbed to her wounds and Jeras Alagondar was left in a Waterdeep orphanage, presided over by the clergy of Amaunator, completely unaware of his royal lineage.

When the time was right, the clergymen gave him his mother’s possessions, revealing to him his true surname and birthright. For some years, this lost scion of Alagondar trained with warriors and priests, eager to get revenge on the damned usurper from Waterdeep and reclaim his crown. To make his scheme complete, he would need to obtain a new identity. Any son of Alagondar would be killed on sight by Neverember’s merciless guard, so Jeras assumed the identity of Jeras Thanns, a noble son of Waterdeep.

He makes his way to Neverwinter with an invitation, in hopes to gaze upon his proud city once again.

Jeras Alagondar

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