Neverember's Youngest Council Member


Extremely young for a council member — he seems out of place among Neverember’s other advisors. He tends to keep to himself, but does pose strange and seemingly random questions.


Andor is the son of a powerful noble of Waterdeep; however, he never wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. He sought to improve his mental capabilities, and studied under several mentors — each for a relatively short period of time. It became clear to his teachers that he was extremely gifted, but lacked a focus for any particular field. Instead he was happy to dabble in everything. He quickly became a favorite consultant for many nobles despite his father’s disapproval. Neverember offered him a place on his council that would travel to Neverwinter. In exchange, Andor would be allowed to learn all that he could of the spellplague and gain access to libraries that few have seen in decades.


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