Althaea was raised in an Eladrin upper-middle class family. When it became apparent that her

parents’ plans for her life didn’t quite match her own desires, she left home to make her own

way. Struggling to survive, she decided, was far better than an inevitably long life of

boredom and misery.

Off she went, stealing when she was in town and hunting with her crossbows while between

towns. She realized quickly enough that her beauty was advantageous, and began using her

womanly wiles to distract unsuspecting men (and occasionally women) as she took their

belongings. To this day, she loves using her flirtatious nature to get what she wants,

including the physical affection she so enjoys.

Though she may seem a bit heartless for toying with the emotions (and purses) of others, she

still has the sentimental heart of a very young woman. She carries with her a toy from her

childhood as a reminder of the warmth and love from her early years, knowing that she will

never return to the place she once called home.


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